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Upgrading to cardio-V6 and beyond..
Once again, I am posting while I am at work and I do not have access to my heart rate monitor diary.. but!

yesterday was my first soccer game after starting the Maffetone fitness bidness. I believe it was a max HR of 192. (compared to 202 the week before?) And it felt wonderful! I wasn't winded, except for once when I had to run across half the field at full speed to try help defend. (Note: indoor soccer. fields are smaller)

Driving in to work this morning, the analogy came to mind - I'm upgrading the size of my engine.

Used to be, I had a 2-cylinder put-put go-kart engine. And really small tires. And a rubber band suspension. And square wheels. So, when I'd go for an [attempted] run, the first thing that hurt was my side (organs bouncing around pulling at the wall), and then my shins hurt like hell.

Eventually, i got onto the treadmill, and I forced it .. kept at it.. till i was able to [barely] jog a mile (with some walking). I'd say that my little 2-cylinder buzzed really high and fast, and grew up a bit, maybe up to a 3-cylinder, and my wheels got a nice round covering (but still a bit bumpy). Some weight lifting, at the same time, helped my suspension quite a bit.

Then, i started running at home.. this was last winter. Still a 3-cylinder, didn't stress that out too much, had problems with my feet and shin-splints, continuing.

I then upgraded my tires to Vibram FiveFinger toe-shoes, and it was like putting on some beautiful white-wall racing slicks. No more shin splints.. maybe a little rough on the bottoms of my feet.. my calves needed about 2 weeks to get beefed up, and then.. all GOOD!

except now i was hitting my heart rate limits.

Enter soccer. My 3-cylinder forced up to a v4, but it didn't seem like it was going to go much more than that. Its kinda scary when your heart is beating so hard in your chest, you don't know if you can breathe or not. And further practise, further attempts at running, didn't seem to do anything for my endurance.

Enter Maffetone. Slow running.. keeping the heart purring at low rate.. but high enough that *something happens* - something to do with aerobic (oxygen) systems kicking in, pushing O2 around in the little places that get ignored.. like the muscle fiber between my ribs, and the stuff in my knees and wrists and ankles.. (feels like it. Felt wierd, thought i was in trouble because every muscle in my chest seemed to be sore)

and wow. What a difference it made.

Going to keep doing it. MAF test #2 coming up this tuesday. If this keeps on going, my heart will get upgraded to a v6, and maybe even more than that!

Its a thing of beauty to be running down the field, see somebody I need to catch up to, and press on the accelerator.. and SWOOSH accelerate. And not collapse after.


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