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Maffetone Madness
Last week, i started something similar to using The Maffetone Method in my training health optimization.
Last night, i played Soccer. I got these numbers: Max HR of 204, Avg HR of 159, 880 calories.
I *think* these are better than a week ago.. my avg HR was more like 165 back then, and I used a lot more calories.

I have yet to figure out a repeatable MAF test for myself. I'm leaning towards using the elliptical, every tuesday night. I also miscalculated my target heart rate.. i *think* i need to be in the 127-137 range (i was doing 120-130).

The method involves lots of low-HR activity - in my case, jogging - with my heart rate squarely below 137. This supposedly increases my aerobic (=oxygen/fat burning) energy system - and gives me a better base to do the intense stuff (like playing soccer). I'm willing to give it a try, and hey, its easier than eating raw squid.

So, the plan is:

Sunday = SOCCER (anaerobic exercise)
Monday = Rest
Tuesday = MAF test (elliptical, as i don't have a track to do this on)
Wednesday, Thursday = slow joggies (locations TBD)
Friday,Saturday = unknown (family time)