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DROID speaks
At 6:50 am this morning, I lined up outside the Verizon store. I was #6 in line. Mostly, looked like folks between 20 and 55... the grown up version of the kids at a EB-Games midnight gaming party, though not by much.

$350 later (i bought a cradle, and need to submit for a $100 rebate), I had me a droid.

7-8 hours later, interrupted only by actually coding at work, I have familiarized myself with it. And I like it.

(Note that my previous experience is with Windows Mobile 6 on a Samsung SCH-i760)

Really Good:
  • Full Google Calendar - multiple calendars, week mode, nice.
  • Full Google Mail - starred items and labels.
  • Full Google Tasks - via gTasks
  • Full Google Voice - for playing my voicemails.  (it can also switch to using my google voice # as the outbound and inbound #... ? may play with that some time).
  • Google Contacts == phonebook.   That's good for me (as it got synced on my mobile device before)
  • 3.5mm regular stereo headset - since anybody using a talky headset uses bluetooth now.   Works well.
Also good:
  • It is very easy to use the on-screen keyboard.  I find myself opening up the real keyboard less often now. 
  • The camera is pretty darned nice, although the shutter speed is fairly low (have to be very still). 
  • The screen is so sharp, i can't even see the pixels.  That's danged good.
  • The browser works very well.  I can enter foods at Livestrong's The Daily Plate, and read Schlock Mercenary, without any problems.  They must be aliasing the pixels or something.
  • the GPS works!!!!  yay!  go Latitude! (stopped working when I went indoors, defaulted to my saved location then)
  • The messaging interface is like the blackberry - grouped by contact, sends in-place, very nice.
  • I can set up an icon that goes directly to "send text message to somebody" or "go to this bookmark"  - very nice.  About the only person I send txt's to is my wife, and what used to be "search 6 6 5 select down down select wait wait focus type type" becomes "swipe tap type type".
  • Weatherbug does good radar (also available is some other weather widget thingy.. but i like weatherbug - does radar better
  • Pretty loud.  Is good.

Problems so far (mild):
  • The facebook app doesn't seem to update/refresh on its own.  (same as my experience on the mobile device). 
  • Picture taken to directly upload into facebook app got resized REALLY small.
  • The camera app is not easy to customize for setting picture sizes, that sort of thing. 
  • - when the keyboard comes up, it doesn't go away, making it hard to use.
  • Pandora - hung on me.  Is okay, I moved on to
I have not done much in terms of phone calls with it.   Is okay.

I do need to get a screen protector for it.  Will stop by the store here after work.

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