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Weight Gained
Well, it snuck up on me - i've gained weight:

Weight change

now cruising at about 178. I was at just over 172. That's +6 lbs.
It seems like just before going on vacation, i was at 174.

What's different:
- drinking pop again
- eating fries again
- ice cream
- all that stuff.

More importantly:
- not logging food, or weighing myself in the morning.

Well, here goes back on the wagon till January - my commitment:
=> MUST MUST MUST log all food. If I eat it, i have to be accountable.

I'm still doing soccer on Sundays, and I want to add in another run to counterpoint it.
I have to hold off on the P90x stuff till after i get my bloodwork next week.

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You can join my WW on my blog...and yeah, this is your wifeling...who no longer has an LJ ID to use.

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