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Note to self: Future Beach Vacations
Having come back home, i need to make a few notes to myself to optimize any future beach vacations.     Not that I'll remember to read this later, but maybe more as a contrast to note what worked well.
  • Wake up earlier.. go for a run.. then go for a dip in the ocean.   Ocean waves are FUN FUN FUN! and a great workout.  
    • running (or bicycling) to a grocery store to eat an orange is Yummy and fulfilling.
  • Per day, i will need 1 pair of toe-socks, 1 pair running shorts, 1 pair non-running shorts, 2 t-shirts, and .. y'know, other stuff.
  • 2 pairs of trunks would be perfect - alternating days.   I can double the trunks as running shorts, but ONLY if they're 100% dry.
  • One sweatshirt!  (it can get cold sometimes)
  • Only need to take 1 pair of Vibram's - but will need more Ininji socks.
  • The shoe-lace-less sneakers were perfect.  I like David's idea of beach sneakers.   Must get another pair of Yankz. Flipflops were great.
  • Find a bookstore while I am there.  Its part of the fun.   I am still a very picky reader, though - its hard for me to get involved in a book.
    • Stick to authors and series'es that I know and love - Steven Brust, Steven Baxter, Greg Bear.
    • Only buy one book at a time.  Otherwise, i get a wandering eye, keep wondering if the other book is more fun to read.
  • Find a dvd rental store while I am there, for TV-series-watching goodness.   I started watching Lost this last visit to the beach.
    • Running to the video store is also fulfilling.
  • Enable the dongleberry for the laptop if there's no internet.  I enjoy staying current on reader while on vacation.
This vacation was loads of fun for me..  i'm very glad that I went.   Looking forward to my next one.



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