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The Tale of Two Guitars
Actually, i think it might be three guitars, or more..   but the title sounded good.   Very often i give a title to something, because it feels right, although its only about 25% correct.  Drives folks who like specificity and exactness nuts.   Love them anyway. :)

This is a follow-up post for Brad (and my wife, and any of my guitar-happy friends like X24)

The short version of it:  
  • I have apparently been "drafted" into the praise band at Crestwood United Methodist Church.
  • I have an acoustic electric guitar which does the job, but can be painful to play over longer periods of time.. hurts the fingers.. I don't have the calouses that I used to have.
  • I much rather enjoy playing regular electric guitars - faster action, things feel smoother, things glide better for me, strings not so tough.
  • My electric guitar is unusable on stage. The electrical parts short out about every 5-10 seconds or so... more out than in, now.. its been repaired twice..

Some more about my beautiful electric: Its my second electric guitar. Its about 16 years old. A not-well-known brand: Costamesa. Can't find it on google. I bought it for $75 off a college student.. he had bought it for his girlfriend, and his girlfriend told him she didn't want it, so he was selling it on ISCA. Its about a 75%-normal size guitar. Very fast action. Doesn't hold its tuning very well.

I have some money saved up for the purchase of my next laptop.. lots of birthday cash! However, since the laptop that I need is a desktop-replacement (video editing, audio editing, etc), I'm going to have to save up some more before I can enter the $-range for those 'pooters. (Yes, Brad, I have considered a Mac -- being a former Linux geek, sounded very good. Don't know, mostly price driving the decision at this point). So, i feel comfortable redirecting a few hundred dollars from the laptop-next-year fund, towards the guitar-in-november fund.

However, finding the guitar has proven interesting:

  • My first thought was, "the music store at the mall". That's where I always went before.. pricey as they were. $300 or more for a new electric, my god. However, a visit there.. they had moved (Willis?) somewhere else.
  • My wife suggested a Pawn shop. Hey, good idea.. don't know of any.
  • I asked Mark, the bass player in the praise band, about Pawn shops. He's been playing for a LONG time, his idea of an easy warmup is the Fish song from Yes:Roundabout. He was: Oh, no, not a pawn shop - bad selection.. start with the Guitar Emporium. They've got lots of used guitars, and some new ones, you could probably get something for $200 or less. Or.. he listed off a few more.. Mom's, Doo-Wop (Du-Wop?) stuck out to me
  • I visited Emporium today. I guess it was $200 in the '70's, now its more like $800+. Looks like they deal in authentic name-brand guitars, not knock-off stuff like i'm used to.
  • A guitar-aholic co-worker has suggested that with a Yamaha electric, i'd get a good guitar for not too much money.. he's thinking "as compared to a Fender or a Gibson", i think.
  • I've visited Musician's Friend and a couple of similar places online. I have had good luck with buying guitars online... but would like to play a similar model before I buy it, y'know? They have some Epiphone's for $179 or so.

My need at the end of this is a reliable, inexpensive guitar.. that I can use on stage in the praise band.. which sounds good, has smooth/fast action. Doesn't need a whammy, or locked tuners, etc etc.

So, that's where its at. If any of y'all can provide me with input.. would love to hear it.