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Birthday+1: 38 years old and still rollin'

Munchin' on leftover pizza from the birthday party...

My birthday rocked:
- I got cool prezzies!  (noise-cancelling earphones, camel-pack water thing, and a book for vacation, and donations to my next-puter fund)
- Work was easy that day (next year, taking the day off)
- Party went wonderful - nice having a home that we can invite people into
- Wifeling and I snuggled on couch and watched last week's episode of SYTUCD on the Tivo

So, reflection time:  how am I feeling as I begin my 39th year of life?

My body rocks
I am fitter now than I was at 30, or even 25.
Indoor soccer is great for keeping me in shape.  
I am looking forward to my next exercise sprint (Nov-Dec)

My work rocks
I couldn't ask for anything better as far as setup goes.
We're using new stuff, i'm learning a lot, and its still challenging yet not overwhelming.
My coworkers are good honest hard-working people.
And we get to bring ourselves in to work.. odd senses of humor included.

My home rocks
We're almost at a milestone!  1 more door to be installed!  
sanity and order and organization are starting to flourish.

2 goofy dogs (spoiled neurotic princess and prancer pusher )
1 goofy loving cat (bedwarmer, cuddlebaby, whiner)
1 very active teenager
2 mostly-there grownups

My family rocks
Q'ster is one kick-butt kid.. i'm blessed to be able to go to lots and LOTS of soccer games..
My wife and I are in sync with each other in all the important ways and still goofy as heck.  
And very luvvy on each other.   
I couldn't have found a better extended family to marry into - honest, loving folkses

My community rocks
Really feeling at home with 1.5 of my churches - i guess playing in the praise band and running sound (being of service) helps bind me there.   (My other church, a little out of touch with, mostly due to schedule)
I'm also starting to be of more service in the soccer side of things - both in playing, and in announcing for the high school stuff. 

I have good Recovery buddies
who know me
whom i can be honest with

So, yah.  life is good.

I think that i've been here in Louisville for about 3 years .. somebody once told me, it takes about 3 years to get settled somewhere.  Yerp, that sounds about right. :]