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Crown Molding Conquered
The crown molding is up!  (hopefully my wifeling has a picture)

We rented a hands-free finishing nailer yesterday from Home Depot.   $25 from 6pm to 9am.. but we're going to do $32 for 24 hours, so i can use it later today as well.

I did have to buy the nails and the fuel for it - an additional $40.

We used corner blocks in the corners - complication! could not install a shelf because it conflicted with the corner block.

I figured out the angles finally!  we had standard 38-degree crown, so the angles were basically 30 bevel / 33 miter.  If I held the wood how it was supposed to go and marked the angles of the cut on it, then translating that to flat worked pretty well.

THE NAILER FRICKIN ROCKS.  If you're like me and had no clue, well, here's the debrief:
- wood glue on the scarf cuts, just a tad
- with spouse help on the large pieces, hold it up in place, and nail along the bottom.. anywhere.  drywall, no stud, no problem.
- a couple of diagonal shots into the roof to keep that from sagging
- then move around, finding the studs, nail in horizontal there
- any place that wiggles, nail in some more.

Oh, and if you're like me and had no clue:
when you rent the nailer, it comes with a bag, which has batteries and a charger in it.
This bag is very important.
The nailer does not run without batteries, no matter how hard you try.

The nailer also made the spouse sqwee, when she put one of the pieces up.   "That's addictive", she said.  I love my spouse, she rocks.

She also put together like 2 non-trivial Ikea shelving units last night.