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Caffeine Wagon

Looking back through my journal.. I had been caffeine free since about December last year.   Occasional, spotty caffeine use.

Then, a few weeks ago, i had to drive late at night, and I went back on the caffeine, on a Friday.  And on Saturday, I had more.  And Sunday, more... and it just kept on going on.  It was easier for me to pop a soda or slurp a mocha than to feel like day-old gelatinized bug-juice.

* It might also be that I went back on sugar.  I think sugar + caffeine reinforce themselves in my system.

This weekend, i mostly went through withdrawal.  I believe I had a Dr Pepper yesterday around lunch to reduce my withdrawal symptoms.  This morning, after much pondering, I got a decaf coffee.

So.. the decision?

Amos's suggestion is:  decaf for life, or just give in to it, don't angst over it all week. 

Caffeine reasons Yes:
* free coffee at work (thanks to department chair who bought our team a coffee maker)
* I love the taste of Dr Pepper and other such sugary drinks
* Great pick-me-up in the afternoon.

Caffeine reasons No:
* heart stuff - PVC - less when no caffeine.
* Do not need coffee to be functional in morning - can function just fine without.
* More regular sleep cycle?
* Gateway "drug" - caffeine induces a sugar craving in me.. or, rather, the two are linked in my mind. 
* My muscles work better without.  I can run better, body works cleaner.

Ways to make the Decaf Work:
* Could get second caraffe and also have free coffee at work.  Or, just drink milk.
* Visit Whole foods and get plethora of soda's which are no-caffeine, but definitely have the FIZZ.   Cold fizzy fizz. 


I think the decision to be healthy is similar to step 7 - entirely ready / remove ALL defects - can't pick and choose. 
So that would mean:
 - removal of caffeine
 - removal of excess sugar (!) 
 - reengaging of the exercise routine

I played soccer again last night, after a 3 week break.  It was hard, but FUN.  I want to do it again, and I want to do it better, so I'm going to jog on Wednesday.   In light of *that* goal, I'm saying:  off the caffeine.