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Quiet Still Morning
I went to sleep early last night.. about 11pm.. and slept HARD for 8 hours.
I woke up at 7... cuddled with my lady for a bit.. then let the dogs out, and made some (decaf) coffee. Let the whining dogs back in.

I am now sitting on the bed in the guest room. The door is closed, the lights are out. Morning light is coming in through the window from a still yard. The house is quiet.. everybody is asleep.


I have missed this. Spending time in quiet, just hanging with myself. Letting my feelings catch up to me, bubble back up to the surface.


Today is all about scraping the last bit of the floor (in hopes of painting it tomorrow)..
and then getting all cleaned up to help with sound and light for the LeFan wedding.. it should be a breeze (tha-dump!)
and then hopefully i have enough time to get me hence to mah meeting.

Yep, a good day.


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