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Layers and Layers
To the tune of Super Trouper (ABBA):

Drywall Drywall think I'm going to find you
caked inside my hair
white dust every-where
looking like a penguin's lair

I ain't done much coding on my mobile app, as i've been concentrating on working on the family room. 
I did, however, install VS2008 on my netbook.  I haven't tried to use it yet.  
The idea being that in October, when we go to Florida for a week, i might will be able to work on it then (along with jogging on the beach and swimming in the ocean and other fun stuff)

If the netbook can't run it, i'll take the desktop with me instead.  Its relatively small (xcube-factor).   It is old, though.. it may croak en route..

to whit, we are moving up the purchase of the windows home server.  Did I say.. WINDOWS HOME SERVER?  (Awooooooooga!)
Just an HP-EX485, nothing fancy - 750 gigs of space, not yet redundant (will buy some more disk in the near future).  I would be able to combine my 3? 4? external USB drives .. get all my pictures, videos, everything since 1995? into a contiguous space.    And have nightly backups of all 3 laptops + the desktop machine.

Excitement abounds.  The Geekness is alive.. its ALIVE I TELL YOU!   (Muhahahahaha!)

ok. back to wurk.


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Hi there,
Good post, I just came across it and I am already a fan.

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