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Drywall Diaries
(this is for all my facebook buddies who were cheering for me)

The Drywall is Up.

Turned out, my wife and I are too weak to lift it up horizontal, so.. we put them up vertical.
Some complications exist, though...

- some of the frickin' studs moved around on me! *grin* so there's a bunch of screws that need to come out, because they're not flush.
- did I mention some screws are not flush?
- the funky drill bit thingy to prevent it from going too deep - no worky. It was eaiser for me to slow the drill down than to use it.
- we used 1/2" instead of 3/4" which lead to some unevenness on one edge (on a corner)
- we tried to mud over one seam, and... the self-adhesive drywall tape i got is a piece of crub. going back to get some normal stuff.

All in all, we had the drywall home by 1pm, and 8.5 non-contiguous hours later (about 11:30), it was up.

Tomorrow: I was going to get up early and work on it, but screw that shit. We have a soccer game at 11, so i'll sleep till 10, and we'll see about the frickin drywall in the afternoon.

As former coaches for Iowa State used to say.. Thank you for Your Support!