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Coding for Windows Mobile
Well, i got a bug within me that wanted to code a personal project again.. and since I got this new SCH-i760 WinMo phone, and there was an app that I had a need for, but couldn't find out there yet, i decided to code it.   I don't want to reveal the details of the app here, not till i get it published, because...

Windows Mobile 6.5 will have an app store in it.   I'm thinking, get this done fast, apply to get it in the app store.  If it nets me some auxiliary income (as in, even one person buys it), this will be a cool new thing for me.   $200 investment - no problem, i think i have that saved up.   I'll probably list the app for.. $5, or something like that.

Side note: Its interesting, now that I have a family and a larger % of bills to pay compared to my income, i'm no longer willing to code for fun and free.  Not if there's an actual income stream I could derive.

I'm not going GitRDone on the code.  I'm doing it using some of the newer stuff i've been picking up at work:
    MVP - model/view/presenter
    Unit testing the model & presenter layers
    Very clean on the structure of the UI
    Usability - get things done with minimal # of clicks, buttons, etc
    Scrum/Agile approach

I understand it a lot better now that I'm working with a team who use it.  Its actually.. so simple!  *grins*   And quite effective, so far, at reducing complexity of the whole system, although the code itself feels 2-3x heavier than the bare bones implementation would be.

Scrum/Agile -
I've got a google doc where i've put down my user stories, in a rough order of implementation.   I've divided it into rough iterations - pieces that fit together to make meaningful sense.  I've finished 8 stories so far, and the next one is persistence, which will actually make the app useful enough to start using.   I have one more set of things to do before I'd deem the app worthy to be included in the app store, and then another set to make it truly unique. 

Oh, and i've given up on github (getting all the keys worked out was feh), so i've switched to unfuddle now as an svn repository (free for a single user)

Life is Good. 
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