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Soccer take 2
This time: 

Quinn and Molly came with.. and we were short of players, so Quinn and his buddy Nathan (younger brother of the aforementioned Tyler) got to play.. they did very well.

Quinn's comment to me:  "You run like a mexican!"   He was referring to some kids who played with the T-breds last year.. they were very good, and VERY fast.  Ie, a compliment!   I personally thought i was slower than last week, maybe i was just more nervous - "would i live up to my expectations"

I had a couple of bleh moments.  One was, somebody asked me to kick it downline.. i totally had a brain freeze.   The other was, i was goalie a few times, and i'm not [yet] very good at it.  One thing to change: when I come out of the box, i need to have my hands already extended. 

I wore my heart rate monitor.. and owzy.. HR of 172 just while jogging around during warm-up.  I started to back off intensity.. and then said screw it, took of the monitor, and went by feel.  Sometimes, numbers get in the way.    Watching my body, how its responding.. and everything seems to be okay.

What hurts:  Hips have been jarred around a bunch.. ankles, knees a bit too.. shoulders.  That's about it.

Very hard to get to sleep after.. mind buzzing, body buzzing.    Might be the nap I had at 5pm also.


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