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I Thrived Soccer!
I was going to say "I survived soccer".. but nah, I thrived it. It was Friggin AWESOME.

Here's how it breaks down for me, for this weekend:

I was afraid it would be too rough.
Not even close! the really good players know who each other are.. and they would definitely pop it up a notch on those guys.. but everybody was very respectful. No elbows, a couple of collisions, immediately followed by "are you Ok?" and smiles and helping each other up. I took a tumble once.. scraped a bit, no biggie... and I intercepted the big guys no problem. "Beasted" somebody even. (whatever that means)

I was afraid my cardio was not good enough
I could sure improve on that, but pretty much, i could stay in quite a while without problems. I think i sat out maybe 10 minutes or so... out of 90 minutes. Nice. I even had explosive sprinting power at the end, though I could tell i was running on 10% left or so.

I was afraid I'd be the odd one out
Heh. once we started playing, people knew my name.. got "Good Job"s from several people, including folks on the other team. Afterwards people were like, Great Job! and You had Great Energy! and once person was very specific: usually when people start playing soccer and the ball comes to them, they flinch and run away.. not so with me.

I was afraid i'd get hurt
And i didn't. I even got a good intercepting header in (doesn't hurt). I subbed in as goalie for a bit, got scored on once (by this really good dude), and that was fine also.

I wasn't sure how it would work

basically, counted out how many women there were.. distributed them evenly between the teams.. then the bossy ladies (they know who they are) directed traffic. After the first quarter, they had me and this other guy switch to make things more balanced.

As far as subbing goes - if you want out, you call for a sub. If you want in, you call for a sub. No problem.

Note that we did not play official coed rules - where a guy can't take the ball from a girl within a certain zone. Ladies' priviledge, and they decided, they were good 'nuff and the guys were decent enough.

The $5 was given after the game.

Most folks get there right at 8.. i got there at 7:30 and was able to practise for half an hour.

I wasn't sure i'd have the skillz
Hey, most of it was just running and covering people. Few times I got the ball, i was able to get it where I needed it to go 50% of the time. Being in TKD helped a bunch.. i'm very familiar with my feet and how energy gets transferred around. I do need to practise more witth my left foot, and improve ball control, and power.

I was afraid i'd forget everybody's names
Ben, Robert, Tyler
Ron, Justin, Becka
John, Greg

that's who I remember for now.

I am Definitely doing this again. (and again, and again... plan in pencil)

Thank you God.