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Geeky LUST
Been realizing that there is some bling in my soul that seeks expression.  

In 2 years or so: 

i'll be needing a car.  
My budget: $5000. 
Requirements:  Reasonably good mileage, automatic, a/c+heater, 3-5 usable years left in it.
My dream / wish / that I call into reality:  a used BMW or Mercedes, Mazda 3, Mazda Protege, Matrix, etc.
Paid for in Cash.
I have a buddy who has a buddy who specializes in used BMW's - he helps people find them, tests them, fixes them, and resells them.
I am very excited.

We're going to get a Windows Home ServerHP EX-487.   750 Gig of redundable disk space, nice upgrade options, and consolidate the 4 external harddrives that I have lying around, plus backing up all 4 of our computers.  So i can frickin' say we're covered, happy, and have the data storage plan from heck.

I'm going to get a new (for me) phone.   Eyeing the HTC Touch Pro,  probably used from Ebay so we don't extend our contract any further.. next August we'll go shopping between carriers.  I will frickin' FaceBook from my Cellphone.

And I'm going to get a new laptop.  The netbook has been ok, but as a primary workhorse computer - umm - no.   So, i'm eyeing the $1k range of Latest Lenovo Laptopage.  Not the W700, but something like a W500, or so.   So I can frickin' play Pangya on my frickin Laptop without stressing it.

Molly suggests that I too get a Mac.  I don't think so.. not for my primary.  Maybe as a secondary.  :)  now that's just being frivolous.

My Lust and Desires are expressed  <-- isn't that a lyric from a song?



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