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crazy idea - LJ picnic?
I'm SURE this has been done before..

But HEY!. I had this notion.. so.. i'll throw it out there.

LJ Picnic - related to Ames, IA community + friends.
Purpose: promote sense of community
Location: at a park, say, Brookeside park
Audience: anybody who wants to come, who wishes to meet more of the people whom they indirectly know.
Type: Potluck

Ideas to make it special for LJ:
- bring: a pack of stickers that are special to you, some blank sheets of paper, and a cool pen that's special for you, and perhaps a game that you like.
- go around and meet people, and see if you can add your name (with your sticker and your cool pen) on their sheet of paper... along with how you're related. Its also a way to meet people.
- First person to get EVERYBODY on the party on their sheet of paper (with relationship lines drawn in) gets a prize.
- We (or the artists in the group) will draw out a nice lookin' relationship tree on some posterboard (perhaps multiple posterboards), and all can sign their names on it, and .. if we ever have the party again, say a year later, we can look back and compare and see how we've grown.

Note: this will only work for small or medium sized LJ communities. I suppose for large LJ communities, it would be more like a convention, and have tables for different sub-communities + interests, etc. Luckily, Ames is small.

Are there any folks would be willing to participate in something like this?

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That sounds like fun :) Depending on the date/time, we could probably make it.

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