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Slowing down the workouts
Tomorrow I go in for a follow up CK test.  This time, i haven't worked out at all since.. last Sunday.. 7 days.  We're looking for a nice low number - my last two numbers were pretty high.

My supposition at this point is:  I was working out too hard.  I was going about every other day - and a workout was along the lines of 600-700 calories, easily - riding 25 miles to/from work, jogging 5 miles + lifting weights, doing some pretty crazy 1-hour long workouts.  Plus, i was eating minimally.. net 1600 calories as before.  The feedback i'm getting as I ask around is - not enough time for my body to heal, and not enough calories for it to burn, so my muscles stayed in a "degenerated" state (+ got further consumed as a fuel source), hence the high CK numbers.

In support of this theory - when I stopped working out, i dropped an additional 2 lbs, very quickly.

So.. here's to a nice low CK number.. I'll find out on Tuesday... and then when I resume working out, I need to cut back on the intensity somewhat.   I'm thinking - two "big" workouts a week, evenly spaced, where a workout would be:

- Sunday night soccer
- Riding bicycle to work and back
- a P90X workout
- Jogging 5 miles

I'll probably start with raising my caloric intake up to 1800-2000 as well.. but if I go over 178, i'll drop that back to 1600.

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A might-be-interested book.

Going thru your journal, I happened to see the "good foods", "bad foods" and just wanted to let you know that there is a book out there called "Blood Types, Body Types", which kinda identifies the "good,bad" foods based on your blood type, might be of help. -Sajan

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