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P90X Workout Stuff
I ran into some folks doing the P90X routine at my Gym a while ago, and since then, i've been mildly interested in that deal.  I'm nowhere near in shape to do it the way they do it, but I did borrow somebody's discs, and last night, I tried it out.

I did the shoulder/chest/back and ab-ripper-X workout. 

Well, "did" is misleading -- They would do, say, 20, on their toes.   I would do 5, on my knees.  I still got to muscle failure. :) 

That was a mighty fine workout.  Surprising for me:
   - Doing in/outs and bicycles .. my hip-moving-my-thigh muscles.. completely gave out.   Wow.
   - Back totally done.. could not do a single bomber in the second round.

I am stoked to do more.  I can do them in the evening, at home.. at the end of the day. 

Not committing to it yet.  And it feels like, if I really do their program, i'm going to have to buy it straight out from them - they did good stuff, they deserve the sale.    Will have to save up for that.

But.. thank you P90X for a very fun and comprehensive workout.  
I am REALLY looking forward to the legs one.

But first.. i have to take between now and Friday easy, so that my blood tests are not misleading.  I promise me, a good workout, Saturday night.


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