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Summer and Weight Loss
We are into summer now! Q's soccer is over for now.. leaving me more time in the week to do other stuff! For this summer, i'm concentrating on.. exercise + fitness, and throwing in some Martial Arts, and if I can swing it, some more Spanish.

Weight loss has been going well:
My Weight

How am I doing it? Once I found out I am diabetic, i've had to change my diet..
- I do a LOT less sugars now - on a good day, less than 30g or so, my worst days are probably under 80g.
- I'm eating around 1600 calories or less (net)
- I'm working out about 3 days a week (jogging 3-5 miles, or bicycling 25 to/from work, + strenght training)
- I'm walking usually over 6000 steps a day on days that I don't work out

Even so, if you look at the last week - see that big hump where I jumped back to 181 before back down to 179? that's from relaxing my eating habits for a day or two. I find that I do better IF i eat salad for breakfast (1 head of lettuce, or cut up broccoli,etc, low impact dressing) (before moving on to Oatmeal or cereal).. and i seem to eat fruit at the end of the day (blackberries, cherries, strawberries, etc). According to one guy (a runner) - the salad provides all the nutrients his body needs to bulid muscle from scratch, he doesn't need to load up on protein. This might be true.

So.. here's to a slimmer me! looking forward to size 34 pants. Just bought a pair, they kinda sorta fit...

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Way to go, Sunny!

From my diet, I found that once I dropped sugars I no longer craved them. I went most of last year not interested in desserts at all. I fell off that wagon around Easter and I find myself wanting sugars again. But I think once you stop, it gets very easy to avoid them. The hard part is stopping. I'm sure it's different when you're required to not eat something. I'm supposed to be on a very low sodium diet, and I crave salt all the time.

I'd also dropped a lot of protein from my diet, because I felt better without the heaviness. My dietician didn't approve so now I'm supposed to load up on nuts and eggs. I also eat as much meat as I can stomach when it's served. But I remember liking how I felt when I dropped most meat from my diet. I definitely felt better back then.

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