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I am tired.
got some anger inside me, simmering. Haven't given myself downtime as much? eh, whatever.

Sunday, i ran around the soccer fields with my nephew, who is 7. I ran too hard, with the wrong shoes.. and as such, i developed some kind of ouch on the bottom of my right foot. Result: i can't go for exercise walks or runs now. Which pisses me off, I'm trying to do the right thing here, y'know?

Something about inertia, and internal systems resisting change.

To reiterate my priorities to myself, I must:
a) watch nutrition,
b) stay regular on the meds,
c) exercise
so that I may
d) loose weight and abdominal fat
so that I may
e) return to a more normal blood sugar cycle, if at all possible.

I have been able to work out Monday and Wednesday on the elliptical. For me, its just not as much fun as running. I can't get the dance going listening to the music, as much.
The good news is, today the foot was a lot better than yesterday. If i keep going at this pace, i should be alright by next week.
The other good news is, its forced me to use my calf muscles more, and my left knee more.. strengthening up that part of my body. Also, it helps me question my motivation and commitment.


Tomorrow is a busy day. Starts with Orthdontist.. checking out, pricing, consultation, that kind of thing. Then work, then over to the soccer fields by 5pm, to get Q to practise by 5:30pm.
I guess, for myself, what I will do is go work out after that.. cycling i can still do, as well as weight lifting.

ok. Good night, be well.