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Happy South Indian Genes!
Hey, they block LJ at work, and I hardly have time at home to do anything other than log food and check email, so trying to knock out this post in the next 5 minutes.

two blood tests; both fasting; sugar at 135, 134; over 126; => insulin resistant, diabetes type 2.
been put on Metformin. First pill was this morning. curious to see the side effects, figure its like lactose intolerance but bigger.

Research - hypothesis that I would buy - my ancestry comes from area that is prone to famine, so we have the scavenger gene set. When you cross that with large amounts of readily available carbs, we (I) he belly-store as opposed to the thigh- or arm- store thing. bellly store of fat => various hormones (cortesol?) => slightly different liver function => easy to get into a cycle => diabetes earlier than europids. This all came from two papers that I found whlie google searching "indian diabetes"

thus, my reaction is: belly fat, go bye bye. That's where I'm putting my focus (as opposed to, oh woe is me I have a touch of the diabetes).

My weight today: 185.4 at 52% hydration. That's good, i was 187.0 a little over a week ago (also at 52.0% hydration).

My wife has had to deal with this already, so I'm relying partially on her experience with what foods to eat.

ok. love y'all, bye!
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Maybe that explains why I have such a hard time getting rid of any belly fat. Stupid ancestral genes. I didn't know about your diabetes. It sounds like it's not stopping you, so that's encouraging. How do you calculate a hydration %? And love you too!

sorry it took so long..
just found out about it like .. this week? last week? very recent. suspected for a while, but was too chicken to face it till i was ready.

my scale gives me a hydration number.. i know its related to electrical signals going through my body etc. I know that if i'm dehydrated, my weight is low, and the number is like 51, 51.5. If i've had a big-ass meal, feeling stuffed, my weight is high, and the number is like 52.5, 53. If its at 52%, that's what i consider my current norm.. so it gives me a way of giving a weight, and then knowing if i'm currently prune-ish or jelly-ish (relatively)

This morning, i was 185.2. Curious how tomorrow will be. Whee!

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