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My blood my blood, my blood
To the tune from Phantom of the Opera (Bravi, bravi...)

My blood!
My blood!
My blood...

what in the heck are these big numbers
why are they all... so high?
you are three fif-ty
that is really.. not cool!

Blood sugar it is a climbing..
Up to the stars it is gone
Pre-di-a-bet-ic she's hinting

So, the numbers are in from my friday blood test. I don't have them in front of me, but they were not good.
I'm tired. I'm already eating relatively well. Screw it. I said yes to the Prestor. I'll pick up the medication tomorrow.

Also said that my blood pressure was up. Got a blood pressure monitor from mom.. 126/77. Not high. So HAH! i think i was dehydrated.

But.. yeah. Time to ramp up the nutrition and exercise plan. Next step - inventory of what i've eaten, and what ain't gonna work anymore.. get my list of what I *CAN* eat, and concentrate on that.

(I went through denial, bargaining, anger. Still a little angry)