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Pearl Harbour
Watching a bit of the movie Pearl Harbor. Its hard to concentrate on anything else.

What I wanted to capture here.. feh. I don't remember. Something about.. it was nice to go to the Barn Dance, it was even better to take my friend to it.

Something about, being here was good, but what i really want now is to go home and be with my life there.

I did run into a fellow from my previous church at the BD, I'm going to check in on the service tomorrow I think. He's leading it.

Looking at snow on the way back, possibly might slow us down. ratbuckets.

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OT - but Reaneau deleted her Live Journal and I just saw it? Is she bloggng elsewhere? I have been sporadic on LJ and may have missed an announcement by her?

Yah, she was not using LJ anymore, and when she cleans, hoo boy she cleans. Her primary blog is at and she's also on facebook and twitter (though twitter is off for lent).

Thank you! I am on Facebook, too! :-)

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