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Dinner was good. The peanut chicken came out REALLY smashin' well.. OMG, it was good. Note to self: next time, don't let the lemon seeds fall in. And BUY ANOTHER SERVING SPOON. Slotted spoons not so good with gravy.

Hmm.. might make that one again later this week, just to see.. it all got snarfed down so fast.

The best part of having people over... well.. lets see, first, there's the celebration. second, there's the cleaning that happened prior to their arrival. Third, was the awesome conversation.. we went all over Monty Python land. Fourth, was my friend Kelli.. she's a peach. She brought fruit. And a smile. Fifth, was .. this is starting to become routine, and very comfortable, and I LIKE that. I want a clan. Seems to be forming.

SO! Lady Perez! which Sunday can I have you guys over for evening grub?
Lady Lorenz.. how about you and your hubby & your kids?

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This weekend is bad, only because we're going up to WI for my niece's 4th birthday party. My brother and I are trying to become friends again. And it's our anniversary weekend, so we're going to make the most out of the trip, try to relax, and eat WI cheese! :-D

How's about next weekend?

as in, Sunday May 23rd? WORKS FOR ME! (this weekend was out for me too)


so, don't expect anything overly special. My standard fallback plan is: Hyvee Pizza. Anything better than that is purely by availability of time and creativity. I can almost GARUNTEE i'll do something in a crockpot.

hey, any allergies / things to avoid?

The boy doesn't like fruit *laugh* That's about it though. Do you want me to bring anything?

sure I'll think of something, but I won't know till like the Saturday before or so... anything you've been itchin' to make that I could match up against?

standard categories that Sunny doesn't do, 'cause they're easy to pass on to other folkses: Desert, Salad, and usually Bread.

I will make dessert. There are some fun things that I can think of, like cream puffs, brownies, or cheese cake. Any preferences?

If i ABSOLUTELY HAD to choose.. i would choose cream puffs. :}

I will make cream puffs, and I'll bring both chocolate and regular whipped cream. :-D

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