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Back in Ames again...
To the tune:

Back in Ames again..
i get to hang out with really good friends...
see how everyone 'round here's been
its nice to be back in ames again

Its nice to visit GPSD.. we might visit Northwest Cafe and the Cafe .. Cafe Diem is also doing good. Things are more bulit up, especially along 13th street

But, my life isn't here anymore. I have only a smidgen of desire to check out the house I used to own. Nah, its more like, i forgot how much I love some of the people here, and seeing them totally warms my heart.

Its also like, if I get so filled up coming to this recovery conference, then what am I not doing in Louisville?

I think the difference is.. when I was hear, I was totally broken, and when I let recovery in, i totally let them in. And then, once I got repaired, i had this great connection with others, and I invested myself in them as well. In Louisville, i haven't put myself out there as much, haven't put forth the effort to really be present and ask folks there: "really, how are you?"

Other notes.. damn, those donuts from Cub's look good. I had an orange instead. But I am going to get dressed and go check out the breakfast the hotel is serving.
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