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Good workout today
One of those "I don't feel like going, but i'm going to start anyway" type days...

My new Polar F6 watch tells me interesting stuff:

5:17pm: leave house, slow jog 2.2 miles to CUMC church. 33:09, 409 cal, 149 avghr
5:52pm: visit convenience store, drink G2, walk 0.4? miles to gym, 21:30, 133 cal, 124 avghr
6:27pm: workout in gym.. slow lifting weights, yoga stretching, etc, 45min, 159 cal, 110 avghr
at this point, its not the calories, its the load i'm putting on the muscles
7:16 pm: walk back via convenience store to Episcopal church (2.6 miles?), 40min, 297 cal, 126 avghr
7:59pm: walk/jog home trying to stay at 145avghr, 18:14, 1.1miles, 200 cal, 143 avghr

I'm pretty sure the watch is off on the calories, I think to get the real numbers i multiply by 0.6 for me -

total calories burned: 1140 x 0.6 = about 600 or so
total junk food eaten: 300 + 200 + 100 calories, so about dead even there. (PB Twix, G2 gatorade, and a banana)
my spirits: pretty damned good. First time I've jogged over my 1.1 miles without stopping. Goal is get all the way to the gym.


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