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Snap Fitness
Today I used my membership at Snap Fitness for the first time.

I jogged 1.1 miles up to the church;
Then walked another 1.7, to get there - took about an hour. Not very hard.

I then worked out on mostly upper body stuff, plus crunches and lower back stuff. Mostly around 3 sets of 10 reps at a given weight. Spent some time doing triangle pose to stretch out my side muscles.

Then, I walked back 1.7 miles to the church;
then jogged the 1.1 miles back home.

Total - about 5.6 miles.

Towards the end of the last jog, i got a second wind. I sped up the pace a bit. Nothing spectacular, but it was wonderful to know that my body can do it!
I did not have any shin splintage going on;
I did, however, note a pain on my little toe on the left foot. I think I need to trim my nails a bit.
Also, after the fact, post hot shower - my hips are feeling it.

The gym itself is fairly basic. Its a dude and his wife who own/manage the establishment (franchised, i guess) - he helped correct me on one of the exercises i was doing - he's a former TKD guy as well. What I like about it is: 24 hours availability (=flexible), location (=slightly challenging), and for the hours that I go there, uncrowded. Its also right next to Q's school so when he has soccer games, I'll get additional opportunities to go work out (and walk home) after.

Proud of myself.

Looking forward to doing it again on Saturday.


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