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Projects Projects on my Wall
Having survived telling my recovery story in front of like 70 people at one of the bigger meetings in town... now what?

Well, a funny thing happened at church.  My wife and I had a flash of inspiration to learn spanish so we could be loving and open towards inviting members of the spanish-speaking community into church.. so we applied tithe money towards the purchase of Rosetta Stone 1+2+3.     Plus, I might be taking video of various things at church to stitch together as little adlets as part of the Communications committee's shtick.  

I think this pretty much rounded out my life :)   Reflecting on the list:

  • Work
    • a creative training component (video editing, training others) as well as a "leave Sunny alone to do code" component. Very good balance.
    • I have been faithfully bringing my lunch in (=measurable, and inexpensive) for quite a while now.

  • House Projects
    • Choppin' the firewood. I've given up on going old-school, now using the miter saw to cut wood to the right lengths. Good workout.
    • Kitchen teardown. In the quest for the new family room. Good workout also.

  • Service Projects
    • Upward Basketball Cleanup every Saturday. If the weather is good, includes a 4.5 mile walk as well.
    • GAFFA setup on wednesdays. I'm not officially on this committee, but I show up anyway.
    • possible other stuff TBD...

  • Recovery: 3 meetings - Monday, Friday, and Saturday. I have a service position in both Friday + Saturday, and I usually help with setup on Monday
  • Personal:
    • Learning Spanish.. El Gato tiene mi zapato... that's about it so far.
    • Kenpo - I'm almost at the end of the Orange belt curriculum. And I help with others further advanced than I to do their material.. learning a lot that way.

  • Health:
    • TheDailyPlate - logging what I eat, even if its bad. Targetting a min 1800 calories a day.
    • Fitting in workouts all over the place
    • When the wood is chopped, going to get a membership at Snap Fitness. Like, i would love to be able to jog there (2.8mi), lift weights, and then jog back, on Thursdays

  • Entertainment:
    • With my spouse - The Biggest Loser - Tuesday nights, Dog Whisperer - whenever we can get one in
    • Bear Grylls, Destroyed in Seconds, etc, Treasure Quest - whenever I can fit one in

Plus, the Kid's soccer season is about to get into full swing.. which might take over several of my activities for a while.

Pretty full life. I am very grateful for my spouse (she loves on me!) and my family (they love on me!) and me (I love on me!).
Life is Good.

Currently listening to Dragon Radio 73 .. especially good track at about 19 minutes in. Check it out.

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I love on you! I'm stealing that... hehe *hug*

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