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Working Man
"Seems to me, I could live my life!  Much better than I think I am!"

Well, the words aren't quite right.  But the power of the song is about right.  I've been quite content to be using my muscles this weekend - lots of calories burned, I can eat well.

- We (mostly) cleaned up the front yard into the piles for Oldham County to pick up
- I removed the sink from the old kitchen (oy! the smell!)
- I walked to church to go help with upward basketball cleanup - 2 miles one way. 50 minutes. ~= 2.5 miles per hour.

I am now *done* with being mister fixit. 

The wifeling and I are going to head out for dinner here in a bit, after we drop the teenager over at church for youth.  Shwee!

Feels like its taking forever.. ah well. one weekend at a time.


I'm bemused(?) that Facebook is turning into the social connection thing that I had wished LJ would be.  I keep finding more and more folks I know or knew on FB.  Its kinda nice, reading through all those updates.