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Power back, no internet
We got power back at around 5pm on Friday.. we moved back in on Saturday. Not too bad, only 2 days, much faster than last time when we were out for a week.

However, a tree pulled our cable connection out, so there's no cable tv or internet. The internet thing has my spouse twitching from withdrawal. Its kinda cute.

Frustrating for me, though, is, while I get SMS updates that people are commenting on stuff on facebook, I have a limited number of ways I can respond. I can check full email at work, but they block facebook there, so it might be a while before I can get back to everybody. I might have to take the netbook over to Panera to get some of this done, or visit Molly's workplace where they have a more open firewall policy.

To answer a few questions:

How much ice: Not too much. Probably 1/2" radius on the tree limbs. Lots of soft woods here, hence damage so severe. Plus, many trees weakened by ice from Hurricane Ike.

How cold did it get? Outside was 27, inside the house was 52, 48, 44, 42 (basement floor, basement air, main floor air, upstairs air). After the first night (low of 57 in the bedroom) we hooked up with M's sister's family, and we got adjoining rooms in downtown Louisville. With the door open, kids running back and forth between the rooms.. it was good.

Downtown adventure: I was only there for the first part - the Hard Rock Cafe; they also hit up Sluggers Museum, Field History museum, a good pizza place, a good sandwich place, rode the Trolley, and all kinds of good stuff.

How did work go? Office actually closed down on Wednesday, which is good, because I didn't go. Did not loose a vacation day over it. Molly dropped me off on Thursday, and then we dug my car out on Friday morning with my brother-in-law's help.

No CaTV? Superbowl? We only get one channel over the air, very fuzzy. Resourceful Q got himself invited over to Jake C's house for the superbowl. Molly and I took the opportunity for a wonderful dinner in LaGrange (where we ran into the Franklins), and it was good. We've got the call in to Insight to come fix our service. I think it might take a week.

Plans for the Future: We're going to get a generator for the next one. Trying to weigh out getting one that can drive our furnace, or something smaller which would just do a space heater and some lights (ie, we move into the basement in case of outage). I think fuel efficiency will dictate this, although keeping the house warm enough to prevent burst pipes is another consideration.

We're also going to get the fireplace inspected & chop up some of our felled trees for firewood (for next winter, since they need to dry out a bit first). Looking at planting a veggie garden for spring 2010 (maybe some potted plants for 2009).

Its been kinda fun, but I'm glad things are getting back to normal.


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