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Upward Basketball Cleanup Crew
the joys of upward basketballThe churches around here (probably everywhere?)  do something called Upward Basketball.  I signed up to help out...  and lo! I am on the cleanup committee.

This was my first time coming face to face with a fully-equipped cleaning cart.
After the shock wore off, there's a kinda pride that comes with leaving a bathroom nice and shiney.
Now, if only the bathrooms at home were as clutter-less...   :) 

The best part of it, is my feeling of belonging.  More people know me by name now; its embarassing, I don't know many of them.  When I'm in church, and we do the meet'N'greet part, i actually recognize some of these folks. (They've all known my wife forever, since she grew up in that church.)

I was a bit peeved at the lack of direction of what to clean.  Never fear! having done it once, I know what to do for next week now..  Oh yeah baby I am going to do some shining.



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