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My cable management dream come true
For the longest time, i've been bugged by loose floppy cables everywhere. 

Once, I ziptied all the cables, but as soon as I had to make a system modification, it was very annoying.
Another time, I used cardboard and tried to rubberband the cables in place.  Also not so good.

Well, I got the idea yesterday to do something.. and this evening.. its done, and it works!

- I mounted pegboard in my office
- I put my major components on the pegboard (hub, powerstrip, ipod docking spot)
- I created channels using pegboard hooky things and velcro, and ran the wires through these channels to their endpoints

The result looks mighty fine (to me) -
pegboard in my office

This is a closeup of the hooky thing / velcro that I ended up using to create a channel with.
velcro channel for wires to flow through

So far, it seems to have a high W.A.F.

Yay me!
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