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Video edit: Christmas Lights
My wife's blog has a pointer to the video - http://www.thegirlinthemiddle.com/blog/2008/12/this-is-how-we-do-it-in-kentucky/

This is the video I was working on over the last few days. It was a bit challenging:
  • I had to ask permission from a neighbor to stand in their driveway to get the right camera angle to get most of the action
  • I recorded the music using an IRiver, as well as draping the headphones over the video camera. Most of the sound you hear is on the video camera, though the start of the 3rd song is straight from the iRiver. Why: I started recording on the 3rd song, and then as an afterthought I draped the headphones over the video camera. I had a very hard time syncing the audio to the video - they are off by just a little bit. I did the math, i did the calculations, and after about an hour of struggling, I gave up - I used the lesser quality audio track from the camcorder, with fillins from the good quality one.

    Next time: I need a discrete audio/video sync thing on both ends of the video roll.
  • In the Youtube format, the lights don't come out so well. I shot it using "fireworks" mode as it seemed to give better color, now I realize I should have done that during editing, and used some other mode for taking the original.
  • I only had about 1 round of doing closeups - I could have gone back and done more, once I figured out what I wanted, but dang my fingers were numb
  • Editing it was a challenge also. Pinnacle Studio 11 has many quirks - like, when using a WAV audio file, the final render kept dropping audio (dead silence) and then picking it up again.

I'm a bit sad - this is nowhere as good as I can do things, but at the same time, i'm out of time for doing it better, so it'll have to be.

I do have a high res one for Michael (the guy who did the lights) that i'll be burning onto a DVD along with all the original video that I took.
What you don't hear in this version is the little girl in the car who kept going "SANTA! SANTA! Why won't he wave back?" during the closeups. Cute little booger.

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Mostly just... Wow.

Don't be sad, leetle Sunny. That's awesome.

~Sabby's wife

Thank you Sabby's wife!

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