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Its not a real word. I just made it up.

What's on my mind:

Talking to a friend

It was very good to hear from a friend that I hadn't touched base with in a while. Makes me ponder friendships, and other people I haven't chatted with in a while.

I think something about how I grew up - moving from place to place all the time - Its like, while I'm at a place, i'm in touch with the people there. Then I move on.. and then I don't maintain contact. Compare that to, say, my wife, who grew up in the same place her whole life, and developed these deep bonds with people ... and to this day, i see the effects that these bonds have. She truly loves these people, even though they can be boogers, and I think that's a beautiful thing.

I too love people.. but I don't miss them much. When I get to see them again its like HEY THERE YOU ARE!

All that being said.. damn but it would be nice to go out for lunch with Ed, Stu, Siju and Benny again. (Siju not pictured)

Pizza Pizza! Christmas Christmas!

We had Pizza for lunch today. Our dev group bought it, from Wicks.. and a bunch of us actually sat around in a somewhat circle and chatted back and forth about non-work things (Tivo's, Bluetooth, Stereo receivers, Netbooks, kicking family members out of the house, etc).

I'm glad we did this - compared to the all-company holiday celebration yesterday. Granted, they can't spend a lot of money - but jeez, it would be better to fund each individual department's celebration, it would be more meaningful.

I had 4 pieces. Dang, that's a LOT. I'm quite the boat right now. Or is that sinking due to extra mass?

Honesty is, i really don't want to be here. I'd rather be at home working on video editing, or napping.

I'm glad that we have some downtime at work. I just got my next work assignment - its some tickets that I've already finished the coding on. Dev starts on Jan 5th, so I'll have to wait a bit longer before committing. Not to be too loud about it, because then the questions get asked: "why was that resource not maxed out" or something like that.

I brought up my completion% from 23% to 29% done on my project this morning before lunch. Project is a optimization of something that we'll introduce into a future release, something we consider important, but would normally get ignored. Glad I can work on it in a "do it right" kind of way.

Fast Scooters

I rode Q's new I-zip 650 scooter yesterday after I put it together. Dang, that thing is fast.. probably even faster with only Q's weight on it. Good hardware too.. very sturdy. It has a Currie motor on it, which I think is great, as Currie made the motor that went on my old electric bicycle. (here, on the right, the Montigue, which should be spelled Montague) With a range of 10 miles or so, I could *almost* ride a scooter like that to work.

Had a hard time fighting with the inside thing that says "presents must be surprises". Once the scooter was put together, there was nowhere to hide it. Then again, there's something to be said about, "I love you, and I love you enough to give you this gift" out in the open without hiding it as a present.

Okay. Well, lets see if I can polish off some more code before leaving for the day.

Ooo.. and speaking of bling, observe:
My Converted Laptop Bag:

I also worked on a video last night, and it might even be post-able to YouTube. Hopefully i can do that tonight, or perhaps my beautiful wife can. :)