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more bling, Dreamer's blog post
Blingy stuff I forgot about:
- Buy my very own Xbox so I can play Rockband Drums whenever I want and hook it up to the aforementioned monitor via my unused Xbox to VGA cable which gives me oober soober high def
- Starter set o drums or maybe get that electronic set again (I wonder if Siju has my old set still)
- Home Server! 1TB option! Cute blue LED silence on a LAN. Consolidate my 3-4 external USB HD's onto it.

Time-y stuff I could do somewhen:
- Consolidate all my musical instruments (3 guitars, 2 keyboards, 2 amps, and above mentioned drums that I have not yet acquired) in one spot so I can play them whenever I want
- Import my speaker tapes and CD's from conventions so I can give 'em away (or just surrender and realized that I ain't going to listen to them again and only keep the ones that have a very important MESSAGE like this one guy from Canada)
- Watch movies like Hancock, plus several others from the last 2-3 years.. Spider Man 3.. there were a ton of trailers that I remember saying hey that would be cool, but haven't yet seen the movie.
- Video-editing li'l things like the Snow day and Sledding last year, Indoor soccer from this year, etc.
- Compose music that sits in my head, but do not EVER sing. :)
- Install a built-in desk in the basement for Me Me Me

Instead, what I'm actually going to do:
- Fix a scooter - I just need to get the belt in my hands to measure the length to order the part from New York Someplace Institute.. 5M HTD timing belt..
- Put together the new scooter - for Q for his B'day.. Thursday when he's not at home so I can work in privacy

And the usual suspects:
- 15 minute cleanup every night in some place of the house
- Cook Nummy Dinner whenever I can
- Dishes are squarely in my plate (*hah*) and I LIKE having clean cutlery to close up in the cupboard.
- Listen to really loud music and Headbang when nobody can see me. (Rush still rules for me)
- Love on My Girl
- Be Attentive to My Boy (or the kid I have some opportunity to be there for)
- Play with the Purry Cat who is just so precious her whiskers should fall off.
- Fluff the puppys' ears and rub their coats and toss their balls for them
- Very Good Naps.. expertly placed in on weekends

Life is wonderful and good. Thank you universe

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I know that Q sometimes acts like Christ Jesus, but it isn't HIS birthday the scooter is for...


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