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Dreams of Bling, Caffeine Withdrawal
Possibly not the right word: "Bling". I've been saving my allowance dollars in hopes to buy some COOL SHTUFF, and then I ran out of stuff, and then I remembered, and then I talked myself out of it again.. i'll probably end up spending on somebody else. I have $39 saved up so far, over 3 weeks.

What could I possibly want?

Well, when I have the time to enjoy 'em, maybe possibly:

- a monitor, wireless keyboard+mouse to complete my netbook docking station. Not that I actually use the netbook all that much, mind ye, its the thought that counts. The monitor could go to the big computer, and then trickle down a monitor to the netbook.

- Rosetta Stone system for learning Spanish, AND the time to spend on learning it. Always wanted to speak other languages, and its so almost there, but I do not have the consistency to stick with it right now

- Say with French Accent: Ze Scoo-teur. This one I go back and forth on now, mostly around where to store the booger. Plus its kinda cold out right now. But come spring, it sho' would be nice to only spend 2 gallons of gas a week going to work.

- Mazda 3, or a Audi C30, or some other cute li'l car

- 10-y-o Mercedez Benz or BMW sedan or some other smooth 'xpensive car

- Blinky Bicycle Light replacement batteries. And maybe one more big blinky light that I can put on my belt when I jog. At night. If I ever get to do that again, winter is taking for frickin' ever. I'm depressed. Can you tell?

Actually.. its probably more likely Caffeine Withdrawal. A-frickin-gain.

So, ya, Caffeine Withdrawal: I've been on/off again for, what, a week now? Started the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Why? PVC's in my heart, desire to be healthy, and read up on how exactly caffeine vs adenosine works in the brain's receptors.

At first, I switched to Decaf Coffee, but kept the occasionalregular afternoon pop.
What I found is that I no longer got the "boost", but I got all the withdrawal symptoms.
So I quit completely, about last week Wednesday.

Oh man, it hurt. Claw my brains out with a spoon. Why? because it would HURT more.

Friday my nose started flowing freely. It might have been a cold.
Saturday morning was my last headache. Still sick, though, so that took my attention.

Sunday was great. Cold was pretty much over. Went to church, and then... went to Starbucks.

"Oh No!" one might go. Relax, dear Reader, after carefully interviewing the barrista, I asked for a DECAF white chocolate mocha. And it was GOOOD. And I didn't feel the "buzz" of caffeine.

Over the day, I improved significantly. My energy came back, my cold drained away, i CLEANED SHIT. I unplugged the bathroom drain full of nasty bits of truncated dental floss embedded in a fullerine hair matrix with a frickin plunger. I kicked ass.

Sunday night: 'alooo! throb? yes! THROB. THROBTHROBTHROB. Caffeine withdrawal headache. I'm going to guess that the WCM had enough caffeine in it to dilate my brain's blood vessels, and when it wore off, the adenosine kicked back in.

(to the tune of the last song on Pink Floyd the Wall)
hello Ibuprofen
I'm popping you again
to help me ease my mind
please help

Well, today i'm at work. I can feel the caffeine craving inside me.. the whole world is dull, lights are too bright.. I feel the bloated numbness of my body. I can't focus on diddly. Good thing its a down day at work, and I'm not talking feathers.

So. Yah. I'll go back to dreaming of bling.
And listening to my FLIM AND THE BB's on my IPod.
(significance: Imported all my CD's and rediscovered some gems)

oh, i'm grumpy too, did I mention?

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I'm not laughing at your pain, but I was amused at the manner in which you told the tale. Also, a lot of this sounds like I could have written it. The caffeine, the winter grumpiness, other stuff. I'm right there with you. Wheee.

*grin* reading your posts on LJ directly before writing it probably helped. You Rock, lady, keep on goin'!

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