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Ooga! Ooga!

so... that verbal offer on the mobile home is due to turn into a written offer today at 11! .. the fellow is coming over to the realtor's office to fill out paperwork. She promises to call me soon after! it might close by this coming Monday!


Also, CatFenceIn product arrived.. i haven't unpacked it yet.

I'm so excited

i was singing Billie Jean & Thriller in the shower this morning

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*happy dance* Congrats!

Congratulations! Mobile home stress been hanging over your head for way too long! It will be good to have it over with so you can pay attention to more interesting things.

I totally agree.

So... i got confirmation.. the offer is in writing now, with the realtor. Closing on Tuesday.

*suddenly very scared* ... i don't do well with large piles of money sitting around. First thing, i gotta get my hiney to the bank and convert it into a CD or two, so that its relatively "untouchable".

There are just way too many toys to buy, aren't there? It's probably for the best to sock it away for a rainy day. I'm no good at saving, either.

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