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How to backup my Netbook
I post this because i'm proud of it. Note that I use some questionable resources - namely a Hxxx's boot disk which is authored in Malaysia. However, the tool I mostly used on it - Ghost - I own a copy of, so I feel good with that. There are other open source tools out there, like PING, one of these days i'll learn them.

1. back up the contents of my USB key.
2. plug into regular computer, boot Hxxx emergency repair CD into DOS
3. format /s the USB key (scary.. it came up as C:. I'm not used to doing a Format /s C:)
4. transfer contents of A: (the Hxxx boot disk) to the USB key (just the stuff in the root directory)
5. test boot from the USB key - confirmed
6. copy contents of Hxxx disk into USB key (\BootCd)
7. copy original contents of USB key back. (documents, PortableApps, etc)

I now have a bootable USB key version of an Hxxx emergency repair CD. Only takes up about 100M of the 4G on the key. Nice.

8. boot netbook using Hxxx USB key, with external harddrive plugged in as well - (hit esc as it turns on, it gives a choice of where to boot from)
9. Run Ghost and back that sucker up.

I ended up with a 22GB .GHO image of my 120G Netbook (which is about right, considering 11G of that is MP3's). It took about 5 hours (as I was running with -Z9 high compression, note to self, probably default compression next time.)

I've also written up a post about my Netbook, but waiting on processing pictures 'n' stuff before I post that one. Hopefully by Saturday. :)