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House rearrangements
I really want to do a post about my cool Netbook .. Asus EeePc 1000HD something something... but that'll have to be for later.

Here's what we've done in the past few days (since Friday?)

1. move the computer downstairs.
2. move a computer desk downstairs.
3. pack up a computer for Molly's work, its going back to the company
4. Arranged a family room: 2 recliners, movie theater seats, TV, victrola cabinet, etc.
5. Moved a craft desk swapping out the cubby-hole-supports for different cubby-hole-supports (the two white 3x3 cubbys are destined for upstairs)
6. Moved dog crates back into the house
7. Moved an antique butcher paper rack to a new home and settled it into place.
8. Used an electric leafblower indoors to remove dust from something. :] My favorite
9. Packed up a lot of books.. two people's collections
10. Sorted, wrapped up, rubberband-tied all electronics cables, stuffed into ziploc bags by function
11. moved personal documents from one computer to another
12. Swapped out a shelf for shoes
13. Opened up the dryer, replacing the 3ft cord with a 6 ft cord, allowing for much better space utilization in the laundry closet (plus a new shelf that used to hold shoes)
14. Spliced audio on a Christmas DVD project
15. Read 1st week Advent reading at church #1
16. Read Daily Word at church #2
17. Had the kid have a girl over
18. sweep and dust and scrub and in some places, mop.
19. sealed plastic over another window (3 down, several to go)

no wonder I'm beat.
It feels good to have gotten stuff done.
Only have 2 more large pieces of furniture to move, before we can go on to general cleaning, for stuff to be ready for having family over this coming Thursday. Kid's birthday.


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