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Jogging my toes off
I went for a Jog tonight. In and of itself, not a big deal, but it is for me because:
  • First 2-mile jog I've gone on since I got the new shoes.
  • Its cold out. I wimped out before 'cause it was too cold.

Once I started jogging, I was very warm. Although it would do me good to wear a hat instead of a hoodie next time.

I'm happy that:
  • I did *not* get shin-splints. I jogged fairly slowly, as soon as my feet started feeling pain, i'd slow down and relax some more. I think these shoes help.. stability shoes for overpronation.
  • I did an okay time. Its pretty sad by most jogger's standards, but 17 minutes 1 mile uphill, and 15 minutes 1 mile downhill. About started for this route.. 18:33/16:40 in the past.
  • I jogged till my heart rate monitor started beeping (170bpm), then walked till came down to 140, then jogged again.

I did a little experiment. On the way back, the HRM started beeping, and I peeled out and ran faster, and harder, and watched my heartrate. I didn't feel any discomfort, it climbed steadily till about 188 or so, and then I could feel something "lacking", i don't know how else to put it. So I slowed down. It peaked at 189. This is kinda neat! According to most formulae, my MHR should be 220-37 = 183, which is why i took it careful over 170.. but I've always suspected that my heart naturally beats faster than most. I now know its at least 189, probably about 190. 30 year old's heart! I need to capture my resting HR as well, which I think is about 90.

Something else cool - i'm also posting this using SEMagic on my little monitor, which i've set at 960x800. Its very useable. Why am I doing this? Because i'm looking at getting a Netbook, and the resolution on that is 1024x600. I do have to full screen more stuff and remove the nonessential toolbars, but very usable! I am excited about the Netbook. January or so.


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