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Trip to Kansas for Benny & Andra
We just got back from a trip to Kansas City to be at Benny and Andra's wedding.
It was a sweet, small, personal wedding.
The bride and groom were beautifully happy with each other.
The father of the bride was eloquent and reduced all women in the room to tears.
Cake was delish. ious.
Never had a mashed potato bar before. Wonderful idea! M&I will do one someday as hosts.

The best part was hanging with my buddies.. many had not seen in a year, and had not really been with in like 2 years. Hung around, talking.. then went up to JW's room and hung around there some more. Played a cool board game, listened to stories. Drank some wine. It was beautiful.

These are beautiful, loving, simple, honest, goofy, geeky people.. and I am proud to be of their clan.. and I love them, very much. I.. actually, i can say we, both Molly and I.. miss them terribly. We don't realize it till we see them, and then we have to go.

On the way adventures: (mostly culinary)

- Mr Goodcents - used to be Molly's fav
- Ozarkland
- Crane's Country Store

- Jack in the Box - another of Molly's favorites
- Culver's - favorite of mine from Iowa
- St Louis I170 detours for I64
- Avg speed 72, Max speed 97.7 mph (hey, nobody around for a stretch of road)

While we were there, also visited Unity Village, which is like HQ to the spirituality that feeds me the most.

Lots of pictures, but! the Laptop that we offloaded them onto did not survive the trip - power on it is hosed. $30 replacement part off ebay, or time to save for a new laptop + extricate the old harddrive.. we shall see what tomorrow brings.

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Hi Sunny!
I have visited my first service at the Unity church here in Cedar Rapids. I am planning on learning more. I think it might be a place where I could truly feel comfortable as it encompasses more of what I truly believe about God and spirituality.
I am not sure how well you know Dilly but I thought I would pass on this happy news! She and her husband are very very close to apopting their little boy (whose name escapes me at the moment). I know they have been his foster family for almost his whole life and now he will be legally theirs as well.

Yay! Go Dilly! That is great news, I had not heard it.

Unity in CR is a fairly nice crew, their minister when I visited there was quite a hoot.. loved purple, as I remember it. I have found that Unity churches are very different from each other.. lots of personality in each.

Thanks for the update! Good luck!

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