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The Magical Mullett
My wife has been complaining about her hair this morning. Looks like a 60-year-old person's haircut! Wah!

"Seriously, how does it look?" she asks.
Damn. Now I have to be honest. "It does look a little frizzy" (neutral, not very opinionated/judgemental - safe route for a spouse to go)

Suddenly, she stops.. a lightbulb goes off.. her eyes go wide..

"It looks like a Mullet!"

Observe evidence in picture #1:

Observe reaction in picture #2:

She ran screaming to the bathroom to get a closer look.
My beautiful 40-year-old wife has a mullett.

As we are in Kansas City to visit a friend of mine who once, in the 1980's, had a mullett, I think this is a sincere form of flattery.

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*laughs* OMG! *HUGS* We love her anyway!! :D

This totally brightened my day. It was almost as if we were there. Miss you guys...

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