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A surprise visit to a grocery store
Driving up to Mom's in West Virginia, was running low on gas. Was going to stop at the Sutton exit, but didn't look very populated, so went for the next exit I could find..

I pulled down the ramp, and on a lark, turned left instead of right, mostly because of the <=Wendy's sign there.

Ended up at a cool looking store:

I walked in, and what I found was:
- All kinds of bulk foods! Lentils, Nuts, Baking goods..
- bulk squeezable lemon paste(?)
- pickled eggs(?) eww
- Instant Dried NonFat Milk! (I love a nonfat dried milk, grew up on Nido)
- Crushed Walnuts! (reference: Biggest Loser recommendation)
- Ice cream cones!

I bought my luvin some walnuts, myself some milk, and an ice cream cone...
the ice cream cone was HUGE. Like, double what I'm used to.

I will definitely be returning. The store is located here: 38.704108,-80.666546

And across the street.. something called.. the Waffle Hut? Must investigate further.

Now if I can figure out how to get this to show up on facebook as well...

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Was it a Waffle House? 'Cause THOSE are common, around those parts. Ohio, WV, the south... Waffle House territory.

That bulk foods place sounds awesome. I remember back in like, the late 80s and early 90s, bulk food places were kind of a trend, which mostly seems to have passed, as I can't find a bulk food place anymore. They used to be great for granola, yogurt-covered everything, sunflower seeds, all kinds of candy, etc. I miss those places.

Ah, yes, the Waffle House. I am very familiar with the waffle house, with its Cheesy Eggs with Raisin Toast and Grits, or its Lite Choclate Chip Waffle.

But no, this definitely said Waffle Hut.
And it looked.. privately-owned.
Hence the appeal, the intrigue, the savory lust of calories yet to be eaten, of a new experience of decadent dining with danishes.

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