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fricking late post
Dang its late, but I know if I don't get this out right now, it aint going to happen till like next week.

Had a little chat with my sponsor tonight.. was listening to Adam Curry a lot lately, and man, his anger is infectious.  So infectious that it started to ruin my day, I was getting pretty angry at stuff that I have no control over.

The perspective is this:  No matter where I live, when I live, I will always be giving a % of my life to the overhead of the economics that I live in.

In this country, its taxes - income taxes, sales taxes, etc.
Where I was growing up, for my parents, I don't think they had any taxes, but they sure had to bribe a lot of people on a daily basis.

All the shit that's going on right now - is changes in the %overhead I will have to experience.   Who knows, it might get all the way up to 90%.. leaving only 10% for bettering my own life.  Or the worst case is where nothing that I do will have any effect, monetary systems could be worthless.   At which point, my choice would be to grow a garden. :)

So, yah, i'm done being personally angry about it, as though that could change anything.

I am, however, committed to keeping my ears and eyes open, so that I know the *principles* that are being displayed that I disagree with.  

Anybody ever hear anything about the independent presidential candidate debate?  Its supposed to have happened already...

Ok. must go to bed, soccer tournament in lexington tomorrow, must get up in 5 hours.

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No worries chucklehead. Sleep well, you'll need to be well rested for the revolution.


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