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Happy Birthday To Me!
Birthday thoughts.. I was wanting to do this kind of a post yesterday, which was my actual birthday, but the day got away from me.

Life is pretty darned good.

We have a decent house. Its not in the best shape, and we don't keep it as clean as we'd like, but gosh darn it, it works.

I have a beautiful wife.. "peculiar" is a word that came up recently. She's every bit the artist, the spouse, the mom of her child, the dreamer, the eco-geek, the singer, that i had ever dreamed of.. and she's for real and she loves me. I get wiggles thinking about her.

I have a crazy step-son. He's bright, he's focused, he's definitely a leader-type... makes it hard on us, because we're not leaders, so the struggle for boundaries is constant. Its painful at times, but thinking about the big picture - i'm glad the kid is growing up well, and its going to be amazing to see where he goes in his life.

I have a beautiful kitty kat who loves to sleep curled up against my side.

I have two puppies in my care. I am not a dog person by choice, but I can be a dog leader, and that's what I am to these mutts. I do love it when I go outside with them and they are all floppy eared happy wagglings. I sometimes wish they were higher on the priority list so I could spend more time with them.

I have a job where I get to learn things like patience, focus, and how to diffuse my inner anger at stupidity, and I probably do end up making a difference.

I have pretty good health.. once again, its taken a backburner for the last month or so.. but whee! my belt still needs tightened, and its not too painful when I get back on the treadmill (when I can).


- balancing/managing time at work vs time at home. If I had a 6-hour day (9am-3pm) it would be very manageable, but that extra 2 hours gets hard to fit in at times.

- making time for myself. I need that journalling time, time to let my mind settle down from its usual jittery state. I need my mind to settle down so I can feel what's going on, so that I can make the right decisions for me.

- to continue to put forth good workout efforts.

- financial prudence. This morning we were talking about our various options with M's work direction - I do not ever want to live beyond our means again.

- I don't know if getting the house in shape is even on the list. I know one of the rooms is, but I think our lives are so full, its like, to heck with the rest of it.

Okay. now that this is out, i need to get my mind back into work.

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Hey this still counts...because your family birthday celebration is, it is kinda still your birthday LOL.


Maybe I should have logged in my account before I started all this Journal Smoochin!

she smooched me!


*wags tail*

The girls wanted to call you on your birthday!! We had two other parties yesterday and Luci left... so we forgot!! *cries* They really miss you. Keep asking when you are coming to visit again! ;)

Happy Birthday from all of us, Sunny! :) Take care!!

I hope you had an amazing birthday :) Sorry I missed it!

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