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politics, election08, etc.
I just had an interesting "conversation" on facebook.. some of my friends were commenting on the debate.    Sparks so many things.

- Watching some friends of mine who are definitely Obam-ers, and then watching some other friends who are definitely Palinites.  Both of them think their candidate kicked the other's ass.

- Was the debate:  a) a debate about what's right and what's wrong; b) a chance to knock down the other guy, c) a chance for the candidates to espouse their plan so that we can vote in harmony with the one who matches our plan the best?   I have never really understood debates.

- Listening to Curry and Dvorak take apart the VP debate: http://curry.mevio.com/?p=1289  I found it very entertaining from the idea that the whole thing was scripted - the colors they wore, the talking points and pullbacks.  Dvorak was apparently watching some kind of meter thingy that showed approval spikes.   

- I have watched this (and several things like it) and it felt true: http://www.ronpaul.com/2008-09-10/ron-pauls-statement-to-the-national-press-club/   Yet, I also notice a feeling of hatred surrounding the whole, uh.. there was a convention in Minneso-tah where RP gave a big speech.. yeah, those folks. New Republic?   Taking very seriously the defense of the country against the enemy within.    Hatred makes me nervous.

- I am very disappointed in the passage of the bailout bill.  Several folks have proposed alternatives - i'm not an expert here, but here's some of the ones I've read:  Dave Ramsey's Common Sense Fix, or even my coworker's take:  They are required to do something, they don't know what to do, they only need to fix it for 30 days at a time, do several 100billion bills.    My fear is:  collapse of the economy, rioting, and a return to lawlessness.. i do NOT want to go back to the third world.  

- I do get very nervous when too much power is wielded by too few.  Makes me take yet another look at RP's camp.  U.S. govt system at its inception was to guard against too much and too powerful government.  

- I note that my fear is simply a fear - I have a healthy body, a sound mind, a willingness to do whatever it takes to have my family survive, and the ability to overcome fear.  My wife has a large family base here, along with several well-armed relatives, so as far as security goes, we'll be fine. 

So.. all this being said - I have no answers.    Just questions, and awareness.  

Fairly sure that neither ticket will be able to do the changes that they are touting.
I like Obama/Biden better on foreign affairs - they seem precise.   For that alone I might vote for them. 
Either one might do good with Energy.
Neither one gives me warm fuzzies about Healthcare.
Both miss the things important to me on Education - miss the creative part of the natural desire to learn.

Something about drawing a circle around all these silly politicians, and showering them with love.

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Politics cue! Electoral College Pool

Anyway, the whole point of debates is to sway undecided voters.


I hear you and can relate. I'm not 100% happy with either candidate either - but feel a little bit more comfortable with Obama than McCain. You are absolutely right. No one will fulfill all or even most of their promises.

That Ron Paul bit was interesting. Unfortunately, I just don't see the change happening any time soon. So many people sign up with one of the two major parties and don't even consider anything else.

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