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Move to a new cubicle
My team is moving into a closed-off section of the building; I'm going from a corner office with a window to a cubicle. A small cubicle at that.

Here's how remote I am -- follow the trail of pictures -
cubecube 2cube 3cube 4
Go to the end of the room, take a leftGo to the end of the cube row, take a leftYou find my cube!With my nice
dual monitor setup

My new view:
view from a cube

Compared to my previous desk: (gah! i can't find the post?)

Actually, I'm quite pleased:
- I *wanted* a small cube because I wanted to be out of the way, not have the traffic past the senior-people's cubes. My bid to continue to stay under the radar and be effective.
- Right next to the cafeteria - smells good down here. Maybe too good. Supposedly some say there are bugs.
- Cube surface is lower, better on my wrists, than the table I used to have
- More desk space than the table.
- Much closer to the "early bird" parking lot.

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Happy Birthday, Sunny!!
I know it is a little early and I am almost never early =)
May it be a blessed and serene year for you!

Thank you Belinda :)

I get to go see professional soccer and DAVID BEKHAM play tomorrow

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