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Tithing and other such things
Today was consecration sunday at church, where folks make their pledges.  We did our pledge for 10% ...  later in the day, found ourselves at P.F.Chang's, talking about stuff that's heavy on our hearts relating to finances.

The beautiful thing is - my partner and I communicated.    We ranked and stacked, and I am very proud of the life we are choosing to live.  We're even making concessions for our teenager's lifestyle.

Our first biggest change:
- Money goes to tithe, savings, and "next big purchase", set aside money for bills and gas, and then:  All other spending money comes out as cash.  No debit cards.    Starts as of this coming friday.

Our second biggest change:  
- Reducing our dependency on outside sources for our beverage choices.

This evening I also got to play with video editing.. stitched together 18 minutes of a crazy trip through blocked roads and broken trees, to get my wife a drink.   [Once it gets done rendering] I'll be posting it to google, but will probably only send the link to buddies and family, not sure anybody really wants to hear how much our kid cusses. :)   If you want to see it, let me know, i'll share a link.

Life is good