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Twitter no more.
Ok. i once thought twitter was very cool.. and I still like it for keeping track of, my wife in her day, etc.  And my buddies.  But!,  so many people following me.. many of them in Louisville, seemingly at Random.. I haven't been to a social media meeting yet, maybe I know them from the Geek Dinners..  I started to follow some of them, and then it was like, holy crap, lots of stuff going on.

I didn't have the time to follow them.  Not all of them.

So, i'm unfollowing a whole bunch of folks.  Pretty much, if I don't know you in person, I've unsubscribed.  Or, if you live on Mars.  Some folks, I'm resubscribing to, by google reader against their twitter feed -  ResPres, and a few others.

I'll still post stuff to twitter - especially if I'm on a trip, and I want my fam to know what I'm up to if they want to know.. and its easy to post pictures there via snaptweet.   And I'll still read it.  I just hope to be able to keep up better if I limit it to folks I know.


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